Traffic Cameras Take a Hit

Regardless of who you voted for, November 2nd represented a major win for everyone who opposes the use of red light cameras. In a handful of pockets across the nation, voters decided they were sick of the automated machines and by voting against the use of these devices, sent a message to law enforcement, as well as the companies that manufacture red light cameras.

These cameras come under constant fire because they are seen as a nothing more than a revenue-generating device with a main goal of raising money rather than actually enforcing the law. Many feel that red light cameras even represent a violation of our constitutional rights. On election day, cities and districts across the nation decided to ban the use of these cameras, adding to a growing list of towns that have already voted to do so.

The outcome of the voting is a major blow for American Traffic Solutions, the company that manufacturers a large number of the cameras. ATS tried hard to block these measures from even appearing on the ballot, but it was denied. The company was then forced to spend millions of dollars to attempt to sway the public to vote in favor of the cameras, to no avail.

In Houston, Texas, which happens to be one of American Traffic Solutions most important accounts, a campaign was run against the camera company by brothers Paul and Randy Kubosh. ATS reportedly spent over $1.7 million, yet the Kubosh brothers, through their Citizens Against Red Light Cameras organization, only spent about one tenth of that. ATS still lost the fight in Houston. Following Houston’s lead, red light cameras are now banned in Mukilteo, Washington; Anaheim, California; and Baytown, Texas. If you have been cited with a reckless driving traffic ticket in Richmond, VA give our Richmond Traffic Law Firm a call today to protect your rights.

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