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Can my out of state license be suspended?

This is a question I hear all of the time and the simple answer is “maybe.” The truth is, that it depends on the charge and on your state in which your license has been issued. When someone is charged with an offense such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) / Driving Under the Influenced (DUI), […]

I Was Arrested For A DUI In Richmond, What Should I Do?

If you are suddenly arrested for a DUI in Richmond, Virginia, you need an accomplished defense attorney. The effects of the arrest will be with you for a short time or the rest of your life. You need a reputable attorney, who has years of experience and a proven record of successfully defending clients against […]

Do I need an attorney for a reckless driving charge in Richmond, VA?

If you were charged with reckless driving in Virginia, you really need to be represented by an attorney. In many cases, complete defenses are available. In other cases, mitigating facts might operate to reduce the charge to something more palatable. What is reckless driving? Pursuant to Virginia Code 46.2-862, you can be found guilty of […]